2021 Twelve Week Challenge

Many of us have been “safer at home” but eating based on emotion and boredom. Let’s commit to doing better this year. We can still get fit and healthy.

How it works:

The first Weight-loss Challenge of 2021 starts on Monday, January 4th, 2021. You must confirm participation by paying $75 by Friday 01/01/2020. (via Venmo or Zelle) $25 is an entrance fee and $50 goes to the pot.

The challenge starts with a weigh-in on the first Monday, January 4th. Followed by weekly weigh-ins on Friday morning. All communications will be through the app Telegram. Once you are confirmed you will be invited to join the Telegram chats.


 • You must weigh-in every Friday before 10:00 am Pacific Time (No Exceptions) 

 • Full participation is required. If you miss a weigh-in you forfeit the challenge.

 • Any breach of these rules will result in disqualification and forfeit of contribution 


Bonus Features:

  • Discount on all GotHarmony? Services 
  • Weekly accountability with a cash prize to the winner
  • Preferred Client access to the #1 brand of health & wellness products globally



Q. How can I pay?

Venmo, or Zelle.

Q. What happens in a tie?

A. Split the pot in half

Q. How do I get my payout if I win?

A. Same way you paid in

Q. Will you be participating? 

A. Yes and no. I will be weighing in every Friday, but I am not eligible to win. 

Q. How do I sign up for the next one?

A. Stay in this chat after the challenge. I’m going to keep this chat going because it has done wonders for community engagement.