Rest Up!

  I had one of those mornings where I was woken up softly for no apparent reason at 4:30am. Well, I’ve been rolling with God long enough to know, if I ask him an earnest question, whatever state of mind I am in, He will always answer me when I can hear Him with no distractions.
Interestingly enough, at 4:30 am I heard, “Your life is a mess! And it’s very apparent looking at you. Looking at the things you have chosen to do and say over the last two months. The company you have chosen to keep and the influence you have had.” 

As I sat up in my bed, television screen like clips came back to me, showing me the things that I had chosen to participate in. Now, this is not to say that I was so drunk or wasted with any kind of alcohol or drugs to remember, but I was intoxicated with busyness and by putting so much on my plate I would sometimes go into autopilot. My devotional time was rushed. My assignments for school rushed. My interviews for new clients rushed. My meetings with students rushed. 

While sitting in the middle of all this work I feel like they are all things that have to get done and the time they have to get done it all right now. This behavior leads to burn out, bitterness and brain farts. We will call them the busyness Blues. 

So what is the solution you ask, and I’m glad you did. Push back, say no and live with it. Rome was not built in a day and neither will my amazing life. Everyday leads up to the next. 
God knew this would be an issue for us. He set up a time schedule for us to use and it would help us manage our ambition.  

If God can create the whole world and everything in it in six days and rest on the seventh I should too. I have six days every week to do what I need to do. His work, school, work, business, work, and personal work, but there should be a day set apart to be Holy. 

 Over the years I have enjoyed some wonderful Sabbaths just resting and spending time in fellowship with God. I try to set it apart and make it Holy. I try to make sure I am only doing things that are considered rest. So, partying with friends at a bar, not so Holy. Working on a paper on Medieval Church History, not so restful. 
What does sound, restful and Holy is; kicking back reading the word or another encouraging book, taking a walk to admit God’s creation. Lunch with a fellow believer, maybe a God centered movie or Kid’s movie with a good message. Those are just some of my ideas for my next Sabbath. 

I hope this was helpful in bringing Harmony to your life. I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment and follow me on Instagram @GotHarmony. Also, if you are into free stuff, check out the LifeOnSprings tab. 


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