My Apology and Commitment


  I am sorry that more of us are not called, lead or accept the position of working for the greater good of all people. We talk a good one on social media, but when it comes down to the time we spend on a daily base, it’s pretty self absorbed, self entertaining and unsubstantial. Our generation has stayed waiting for great leaders come up. But in true form, we chop down all who are for being “human,” making mistakes or having different opinions. We think it’s their fault, but it’s really ours. Every day we get the same amount of time, but expect someone else to do the work. 

I commit to live more, be more and do more than I ask of others. I commit to be intentional in my thoughts, words and actions. I commit to invest my time, energy, and sweat in this generation and the ones to follow. I commit to work with those who are committed to living a life filled with Harmony and Love. 
If not, let’s work towards it together!


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