2020 Vision Party Exclusive

Wow! You have all set amazing and courageous goals. I applaud you for defining what you want. The top 3 areas you wish to improve on as a whole are Physical, Financial, and Mental/Emotional.

95% of you set a Physical Goal

Most common goals

#1 Exercise – start, keep going, and go regularly

Treating your body well and giving yourself the healthy exercise and fuel source will help in many areas of your life including cardiovascular health, stress management, and energy level. I would like to offer you a FREE fitness assessments. A wise woman once told me “If exercise was a pill it would be the cure for everything!”

# 2 Healthy food choices and lifestyle 

There are many ways to improve your food for fuel also called diet. Arbonne offers the 30 Days to Healthy Living (DTHL) program which is designed to help support your healthy living goals and give you positive results inside and out. The goal is to take your body from an Acidic to an Alkaline state by gently detoxing and cleansing your body and allowing your body to start working at its optimal level.  It is simple and supported by clean, vegan, nutritional products. Doing it as a group is a great idea as you will have support and accountability from the group. 

We are excited to help you with your journey to a healthier and more fulfilled life. I invite you to be my guest for a FREE fitness assessment. Sandi would love to hear from you about starting the 30 DTHL program. And, Just for you! I would love to offer you a life coaching session at an exclusive 2020 Vision Party rate, $20/20 minutes. During this time you can gain clarity on your goals and subgoals or discuss other life events. Stay tuned for Financial tips coming soon…

Happy New Year!

Harmony Lenise

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