About Harmony

vertBorn Lenise Halley, known as Harmony. Harmony, believes that all success starts reflection, an openness to grow, and  a positive state of mind. Harmony’s true passion lies in helping people from all walks of life and belief systems and she has accepted her calling to help transform the lives of people all over the globe. 
      During Harmony’s early years she experienced domestic violence, poverty, and addiction. As a teen she served as a full-time caregiver for a single parent with a terminal illness for fifteen years unto death. She was able to push through treacherous waters as she learned to thrive on her own in adulthood.  The character, faith and ambition that was born helped her relate and encourage others along her journey.
     Harmony’s professional background includes larger organizations like Coca-Cola, University of Phoenix and Spark Networks, as well as consulting firms like Ferrazzi Greenlight. Harmony has held various management positions ranging from Project Manager, Human Resources, and as a Director of Administration responsible overseeing all other administrative departments. She has had the opportunity of directing day-to-day operations, manage projects across various teams; web development, sales, finance, public relations and marketing; by developing new products, leading business planning programs, and serving on strategic business teams. In Human Resources she helped various organizations achieve goals meanwhile improving corporate culture.
           Her dynamic business background helps her to balance theory with her years of practical experience with individual clients as well as in the classroom as an Adjunct Business Instructor in the Los Angeles Community College District. She also worked in her local education system, as a Life Skills Coach at Aspires West Pasadena and a Physical Education Instructor at Washington Elementary school, during the school year. 
      Most recently, Harmony joined the Personal training team at 24Hour Fitness gym, in Altadena California. Harmony brings the life coaching spirit into every conversation. All personal training sessions are performed exclusively at 24 Hour Fitness Altadena, CA. To book a session please call (626) 296-8700

“After struggling with my weight for years I decided to take my health and life serious. At 236 lbs I was pre-diabetic, depressed and defeated. I started my gradual process to a more fit and healthy life. Along the way I met many friends and loved one who helped to stay me motivated and active. I found that my body had developed many allergies from my years of mistreatment. I worked hard to lose the weight by eating whole foods organic as God had created them. Start exercising rigorously and frequently as a lifestyle change not just a method to lose weight then just put it back on it. I’ve lost 70 lbs in total thanks to healthy eating and exercise. Now I help others everyday with their journey to the healthiest version of themselves.”

Rooted in a strong spiritual foundation Harmony has deep-seated passion for spirituality life and encouraging others to stay positive, focused and enlightened; which drives her help others in her community and globally through educating and coaching. Harmony is a coach who focuses on Faith, Fitness, Family, Finance and everything in-between. 
“My mission is to step into my healing and share with others in a vulnerable and honest way. I contribute my true authentic self. All my quirks and experiences. I am able to offer my relentless stand for love and life for my friends, family and loved ones. I also stand for people I don’t know. GotHarmony is about how to live through life’s peaks, valleys and flatlands. It’s how all of us come together to make a beautiful song. How the pains of yesterday make today so much sweeter. The rhythm of life founded by the beat of our heart “
     Harmony obtained her Bachelor degree in Business Management in 2009 and a Masters in Management degree in 2011, from University of Phoenix.  She has completed her Master’s of Divinity at Azusa Pacific Seminary, Class of 2017. In addition, she is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine, Professional Life Coach, and  Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent.
logoMDiv- Master of Divinity- 2017 
MM- Master of Management- 2011
BS- Business Management- 2009
Certified Personal Trainer- 2017


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