30 Days To Healthy Living

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2 Bags of Protein Shake Mix (chocolate and/or vanilla)

2 Boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks (citrus, pomegranate and/or strawberry)

2 Boxes Herbal Detox Tea

1 Box Digestion Plus

Choice of 2: Daily Fiber Boost, Greens Balance, Body Cleanse

Let’s take a look at how your Arbonne products will clean your drain!! 

1) DIGESTION PLUS: This power house has 11 digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. All this to ensure you actually absorb all the good food you are eating and restoring the healthy bacterial balance to your gut. Did you know that 70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut? So a healthy gut = healthy you

TIP: Put one packet in 1 oz. of water, mix well, add an additional 3 oz. of water and drink it first thing in the morning or place the contents of the packet in your shake, just make sure you drink it within 30 minutes. It can also be taken up to a half an hour or more by itself after a meal (to help those who forget or who might be experiencing gastric reflux). This really sets you up for maximum GI benefit throughout the day. 

2) PROTEIN SHAKES: The heartbeat of your 30 days is right here! These shakes are full meal replacements. Mix 2 scoops protein powder with 9 oz. of water or milk alternative (almond, coconut, flax, hemp, oat milk), plus 1 scoop of Fiber Boost daily, if you are using the Green Balance, one scoop daily, and any other supplements you are using. Drink them plain or you can blend with your favorite (approved) fruits, veggies, and healthy fats for extra yumminess and health benefits. But remember, if weight loss is a major goal, don’t add too much or you’ll really increase your calories! 

TIP: Replace 1-2 meals a day with a shake. Again, if weight loss your goal on the 30 DTHL, replace 2 meals a day. 

3) FIBER BOOST: We need 30+ grams of fiber a day. Most of us get 3-4 grams a day! Fiber helps you feel fuller longer and also helps remove toxins & fat from the body. (hello, regularity!). 1 scoop of this odorless/colorless/tasteless powder gives you 12 grams – almost HALF of your daily need! 1 scoop a day, preferably to your morning shake! The Protein Shake Mix provides you with an additional 6 grams of fiber per shake.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Start with a ¼ scoop in the morning and make sure you are regular, then you can increase by ¼ scoop until you reach a full scoop once your body is processing this extra fiber (increase every three days). 

4) HERBAL DETOX TEA: This little guy plays a HUGE role in your detoxification, so don’t skimp on it! This stuff cleans your filters (liver and kidneys) and allows those toxins to be flushed from the system. When we lose the toxins, we can lose the fat. Have 1-3 detox teas per day, early morning and in the evening are ideal. 

5) ENERGY FIZZ STICKS: These are a lifesaver! They are really good for caffeine withdrawal and provide you with a nice clean energy! They will also curb your appetite, especially carb cravings. They give you focus (taurine), energy (green tea and lots of B vitamins), speed up the metabolism and even help alkalize the body! 

TIP: Have 1-2 a day as needed. I love them as early morning pick me up and in the afternoon for a little energy boost! 

6) BODY CLEANSE: This is to be used on week 3.  More information and instructions to come on using this product!

7) GREENS BALANCE (Optional): Add 1 scoop to your morning shake or it is perfect for an afternoon boost! There are a couple of ways to use this product for the afternoon boost.  You can mix 1 scoop of greens with 8 ounces of water or add 1 Pomegranate Fizz Stick and ice and shake it up! Your very own Green Drink! 

8) PROTEIN BOOST (Optional): If you want more protein in your meal, this product offers 10 grams of protein, it has no flavor and no sugar.  If you are feeling hungry between meals, adding this to your shake will help quench that hunger.

I know that you will be happy with your 30 DTHL program and that you will begin to see results after your first week.  Please contact me or your consultant if you have any questions or concerns.

Not Included in the 30 Day to Healthy Living but very complimentary


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