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Top 3 Tips

Top 3 tips

Give yourself space, grace, and love 💕

1. To thy own self be true! Get real with yourself. Even the parts you’re embarrassed about or ashamed of presently.

How? Sit with yourself with no distractions whether in meditation/ contemplation/ reflection. Create space where you can examine yourself with love. (Space)

2. Figure out your why? And why’s Can have levels.

Understand the stories and narratives that you have subscribed to and why? There are no wrong answers but you have to know the answers if you would like to change them (Grace)

Give yourself space, grace, and love 💕

3. Decide what you want out if this life and what you don’t want. Maybe you have accepted a narrative that no longer suits your highest good what would it look like to develop a narrative that you love? (Love)

More tips and tools in my book. Got Harmony?: Quick Guide to Living Your Best Life!