Holy Fire® III Reiki

When you need efficient, yet intense healing in your body for specific aches, pains, trauma, and/or blockages, a GotHarmony? Holy Fire® III Reiki session will be their undoing! 

If you have been stagnant, lethargic, ill, or otherwise unwell and feeling like you need to get rid of negative forces that are holding you back, I can assist you with clearing your path physically, mentally, and spiritually. My Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki III sessions are the key to unlocking complete wellness in your life. You can book a session by the hour, which ranges from 1-3 hours depending on the level of work you need. Sessions are always done in a safe, sacred environment that has been curated to ensure the proper aura and elements for your complete restoration! 

Perhaps you are a healer and want to expand your Holy Fire® III Reiki repertoire by learning the intense, fine art of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki III. My Holy Fire® III Reiki classes will equip you with the knowledge, skill, and spiritual alignment to be the intercessor for delivering this unique, ancient technique. For pricing, click the links below! For in-depth information regarding this craft, please (read more)

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GotHarmony? Holy Fire® III Reiki Session

Holy Fire® III Reiki First & Second Degree Class

Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Training Class