Master Trainer Packages

Just when you were about to give up on the idea of getting yourself and/or your entire family on board with a health and fitness regimen that will have everyone operating at their most efficient level,  I come to the rescue! I have serviced clients from 4 to 94 years old! Trust that my five years of experience includes a wide and varied range of training methods and psychology to get the family engaged in lifestyle changes together.  I also appreciate it when people can make time to focus on their health. It reminds me daily of the most important thing in life: our personal mental and physical well being. So how much does this cost you? My programs are more cost-effective than you think.

Here are some of the payment packages I offer:


Full Session Bundles

15 Session $952 ($63.50/session)

10 Session $675 ($67.50/session)

5 Session $357.50 ($71.50/session)


Half Session Bundles

20 Half Sessions $600 ($30/session)

15 Half Sessions $480 ($32/session)

10 Half Sessions $340 ($34/session)


Partner Training Sessions

10 Sessions $800 ($80/session)

10 Half Sessions $400 ($40/session

5 Sessions $400 ($80/session)

5 Half Sessions $200 ($40/session)

Virtual Group Training


8 AM &  6 PM Times

Advance Class at 10 AM

*$5/session through 1/31

 * Full sessions are 50-minute Virtual/ In-person

** Half sessions are 25 minutes Virtual/ In-person