Virtual Group Training

Train from anywhere!  Meet me online for my morning or evening virtual group training sessions three days a week, offered to target different goals. Starting with HIIT. I will get your body moving, your heart rate up, and clear your mind. Bodyweight or equipment based training focusing on strength and power. A great core workout with a focus on a few extra muscle groups and moves each time. Glutes galore, movement to tone all the muscles of your lower body.

There are 2 class times available. Each class meetings Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No equipment is required but resistance bands are suggested.

Early Birds 7 AM Click Here to Register

Evening 6 PM Click Here to Register

Virtual Group Training Schedule

HIIT Warm-up


Upper Body


HIIT Warm-up


Lower Body


HIIT Warm-up


Full Body

Beginner Sample Monday
HIIT Warm-up

(30-second Intervals)


Jumping jacks

High knees (or march in place)

Butt kicks

30 Second rest


(10 reps each/3 sets)

Basic crunches

Hip bridges

Alternating leg lifts

(10 on each side)


Mountain climbers

Upper Body

(10 reps each/ 3 sets)

Use resistance bands or weights

Bicep curls

Overhead press

Front raise

Side raise

Triceps extension

Advanced Sample Wednesday
HIIT Warm-up

(1-minute intervals)


Jumping jacks

High knees

Butt kicks

Squat jumps

Quick feet


15 Boat crunches

30 Russian twists

15 double leg lifts

15 push-ups

30 Mountain climbers

Plank jacks

1 min plank

Leg Day

15 squats

15 Bottom squats

20 forward/back lunges

20 side lunges to knee lift

10 jumping jacks

20 curtsey lunges

*All Exercises with weight